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Hey there!

it’s fer studio

We are here to help you implement strategies to grow your community and biz so you get remembered for your message AND beautiful aesthetic.

About the founder

Hi! I’m Fer Uribe.

Fine Artist, Makeup artist, Content Creator and Social Media lover since the day their started.

Fer Studio came to life through my passion for the arts, design, social media and the desire to help small businesses grow.

I am bringing all my knowledge and experience in Fine Arts, Fashion and advertising industry, Digital marketing and in top of that I made partnership with an innovation and businesses consultant to help you grow the business of your dreams!

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We ’re here to support you

  • Fair pricing for small businesses owners.
  • Artist vision and business expert came together to crate the best strategy for you.
  • UGC, social media strategy, business strategy, branding, you name it!

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